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Our service

1. DMIT 60-62 pages report in Thai and English for 1 set
Including all details below,
1. Brain lobes functions and TFRC distribution map.
2. Left and right brain comparison and balance potential.
3. Quantitative chart of neocortex in Dermatoglyphics assessment.
4. Left and right hemisphere and 10 functions ranking.
5. ATD degree and learning sensitivity.
6. Multiple quotient distribution charts.
7. Preference Learning style.
8. Leadership style.
9. My management style.
10. Whole brain learning / communication style.
11. Preferred mode of learning.
12. Multiple intelligences.
13. References on fields and occupation.
2. Consulting period for 45 minutes a case.

Service procedure

1. Dermatoglyphics and DMIT benefits introductory with fingerprints and palms scanning for 15 minutes a case.
2. Analysis fingerprints with biometrics database and report by Dermatoglyphics specialist takes 7 days operation for a case.
3. Consultation with report interpretation in depth details for 45 minutes a case.

Direct call